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Spice Exchange is Serving Up The Fire with eight new ways to fire up your grill
Spice Exchange Spicy Marinade Spice Exchange Marinades
Grilling healthy and zesty requires great flavors and exotic ingredients. Our sauces offer a scrumptious variety of tropical fruits, fiery chile peppers, aromatic spices and spirits.
Chile Peppers of Mexico Chile Peppers of Mexico
Spice Exchange offers this unique gift pack featuring three authentic Méxican chile pepper sauces. Each sauce provides a distinct heat level and flavor profile for cooking and spicing up your cuisine.
Pepper Potpourri Hot Sauce Collectors
Our 4 Pack Pepper Potpourri is a must-have packed with pepper history and trivia. Featuring the Cayenne, Tabasco, Habanero and Jalapeño, this handsomely packed gift box belongs in any serious chilihead’s collection.
Spice Exchange Trader Trio Spice Exchange Trader Trio
Exotic Sauces crafted with a mixture of ingredients brought about by centuries of trade and exploration.
Day of the Dead Hot Sauces Day of the Dead Hot Sauces
Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos (November 2nd) is a Méxican Holiday celebrating life and paying respect to those who are gone but not forgotten.
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